Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bus travel on a rainy day

The usual Bangalore rainy days, where the whole traffic comes to a halt with honking horns and frustrated travelers back from work trying to reach home..I packed my stuff and rushed out of office to pick a rick to reach home before rain drenches me , I don't mind getting drenched but with a laptop you have to think twice. Walked from the building to reach the main road hoping to get the rick before it rains heavy but no idea what happens to the auto drivers with the rain something like price shoots with the amount of heavy rain, frustrated with the auto driver I decided to board the Volvo..Volvo was introduced to have a comfort drive till destination but has become worse then normal buses, well had to reach so boarded the bus with a huge crowd someone cribbing about office, some about rain and rest planning for the long weekend. I always had fascination of watching people and analyzing whats running on their minds, Bus drivers had to take out all frustration of traffic on the people standing close to the door and me standing with my huge laptop bag was like a road blocker for everyone walking in and every time conductor had to collect money I was almost rotated 360 degrees to watch everyone inside the bus. Uncles, aunties, kids, working women 's all packed up, with the AC making it more uncomfortable and every jerk of the brake throwing everyone on people standing next to them and a grumpy look thrown by the people on whom you would land at every stoppage I was feeling like getting down and taking the rick but just waited until my stop to have the experience that how people travel everyday in the same situation. Well amongst the whole frustrating situation , just before my stop a kid with her mom boarded the bus, she had a flower which was just clipped at the center of  her head exactly dividing her hair line like a straight road or a runway and falling on her eyes as if she can only see the half of the world. She was so busy adjusting her dress and the flower , when the whole world was frustrated with rain,traffic she was certainly a breath of fresh air making me realize that their are so many beautiful things to look forward rather getting angry on every small thing that's not under our control. I had reached my stop and bid good bye to the passengers of that bus with a smile from the kid...:)

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